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Code And Culture With @tinkertim: DevRel & Community Leader

Tim Post

Hello! I'm Tim!

You might know me from the work I've done at Stack Overflow, Swimm and Deno. I've been in DevRel ever since it became a thing, and managing online developer communities since my start in open source over 30 years ago.

To me, Community Management is part of DevRel, at least when it comes to products aimed at developers; it's a specialty, not something different altogether.

Storytelling is my favorite pastime. I love bring out the care and passion that goes into developer products when I demo them. Authentic use and admiration leads to authentic conversations that drive growth. If I can help you tell your product or community story, please reach out!

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Recent Video & Spotlight Demo Work:

Below are a few videos that I've produced geared for both YouTube and TikTok I use video as one component of storytelling and rely more on simple but effective animations rather than complex effects for most things. The message is what's most important. See my latest work for more samples!

DevRel Also Goes Beyond Content Production & Game Show Hosting!

I don't claim to have the sole authority on what Developer Relations should entail, but if you thought it was just content marketing with a developer twist, you're missing 85% of the rest (and extremely rewarding) parts of the role. Yes, content is critical, but it's just one part of many in a successful DevRel strategy. This quote is the best way I've managed to explain it:

When users don't know the product exists, we tell the product story. When nobody knows what to build next, we tell the user stories.

When we need to hire developers to grow it, we create job descriptions and advise on where to post them.
When there are no sales, we're sales enablers;
when there are no CS engineers, we're support specialists.

When we need to publicly learn hard lessons, we write the soliloquies. When there are heroes in our midst, we elevate them. Success for us means the success of others.

When there are no heroes, we encourage and develop heroes through ambassador programs. We're experts in figuring out what funnels should be built, and why they're clogging. DevRel is anything but simple, and it's way more than just creating content. --Tim Post (paraphrased from an email)

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. If I can help you tell your product's story or help build your community, contact me.